All-Natural Soy Candle by Soul Purpose

 Light a candle and infuse your space with one of our exotic aromas. Light our all-natural candles anytime to relax, destress and uplift.

  • clean burning and soot-free
  • environmentally friendly
  • natural, biodegradable and vegetarian
  • made from renewable resources
  • kosher
  • supports family farms
  • burns longer than paraffin wax
  • burns at a cooler temperature that traditional candles
  • can also be used as a massage oil and cuticle conditioner 
Directions: trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Burn for no more than three (3) hours at a time. Warning: never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn candle on heat resistant surface. 

Ingredients: 100% pure soy, fragrance


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